Soutel Community Market Space

Our community is in a state of emergency. Life expenses are going up. Incomes remain low. The usual approach mentality of “just get a decent job” isn’t working anymore as technology is taking over.  


Technology is causing a rapid decline of jobs available. We see this as Walmart, doctor offices, restaurants… and more are replacing humans with self service kiosks. 


Retail stores are closing in massive droves in response to being able to order products and services at a click of a button online. 


Corporations and smart tech entrepreneurs are taking advantage of this rapid growth in technology. Meanwhile our schools are falling apart in our communities. Teachers are coming out of pocket for essential school supplies. Bills are going unpaid. Debts are piling up. And conditions are getting worse. 


We believe that technology is advancing so rapidly that many people and businesses are left behind because they lack the knowledge or the resources to participate. 


The answer, the solution… for us to not only survive but to thrive is found in a Collaborative and Responsible Tribe where people care for and support one another.


This is our platform where we collaborate. Combine our efforts and energy so that we can help others get what they want. We get what we want. And make the world a better place in the process. We keep more revenue in the community that can allow us to be the heroes of our own story. 

The Community Market

There’s a show on HGTV called the “Flea Market Flip”. Smart shoppers go to a flea market and buy old and unwanted items. They use their artistic skills to bring the items back to life in a new and different way.  They then take the new items to a different market and resell it. 

What this community lacks is a place where a person can take their skills and make a profit from them. There are many performers, artists, crafts-person, speakers, singers, and creators who simply do not have a platform that helps them get their craft out to the public. 

Traditionally, we have lost the majority of our creators as they moved away from the community to be apart of physical platforms that allowed them to excel in their crafts. 

Thankfully with technology we can allow those talents to stay and contribute to their own community while getting their skills, products, and services in front of the entire world. 

This is why we have an eCommerce store along with digital marketing services to help these individuals and small businesses become more than just local services. 

The Market also serves as a centralized location for distributing resources and knowledge into the community. 

Besides being a platform for local residents to use to launch their talent you will also find the following at the Soutel Community Market: 

1. Food Desert Relief:

The Market is a place where farmers can bring fresh fruits and veggies in a food desert. This community is plagued with fast foods and artificial food items. Providing a place where fresh farm products can be sold is essential to a healthy community. Along with Food Trucks to provide more selections of meals. 

2. Natural Products:

Just as this community is plagued with poor food choices. Cheap products with chemicals also poisons our community. We need access to natural skin care, hair care, cleaning and other products to promote healthy lifestyles.

3. Businesses and Organizations:

Providing space for businesses and organizations to bring in services and produces into the area that are needed.

4. Activities:

Not relieving stress contributes to mental health issues. In many areas of town there are usually some activities going on…however most people aren’t aware of the activities. The market serves as a central distribution location to help the community become aware of what’s happening in their community.

Furthermore, We have our own activities to keep people engaged and allow them to release stress. 

Cultural Events/ Festivals/ Entertainment

A major part of feeling like one belongs is a root in cultural events. Being exposed to other cultures as well is important in building strong communities. And allow you a platform to know and appreciate your neighbors. 


The Market serves as a consistent activity for the community. Meanwhile during the year we will also host a variety of cultural festivals and events. These events are also designed to get residents exposed to different industries they may seek a career in.  


This includes events such as: 

Afro-Cuban festivals
Video and tech conference
Holi Festival
Fire and Circus events
Food Truck Wars
Music Circles
Greek Festivals
Caribbean Festival
Job Fairs
Outdoor concerts
Art Walks
Mother’s Day Event
Father’s Day Event
Space where organizations can come together to host community events.